Sharing our experiences

Ms. Sasikala

My decision to join TTA has been life-altering. Learning from experienced trainers over 9 months has revolutionised my teaching approach. The practical insights into 21st century pedagogy was both engaging and enjoyable. Through TTA's structured internship program, I've grown into a more confident and effective educator. I am immensely grateful to the exceptional trainers whose guidance has left an indelible mark on my teaching journey

Ms. Anu Iyer

The main reason I joined the TTA Diploma course was my passion to teach and shape young minds. Every module in this course is designed to equip you with all the tools required to be an effective teacher. The mentors here are very supportive and guide you through each step of the training process. Passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated, the trainers transformed me into a teacher who could engage any class with confidence. The one-month internship in core NPS schools was the icing on the cake. It was a hands-on experience where we got to practise all that we had learnt during the course, reflect on the lesson, take valuable inputs from the students and mentors and tweak our lesson plans to suit the needs of the learners. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who aspires to be a 21st century teacher wishing to make learning interactive, fun and productive for all students.

Ms. Renuka Sutar

I want to share my transformative journey with the TTA Diploma Teaching Course. At the beginning of my journey, the topics were a bit challenging, but gradually, I found my way through the modules. With the incredible support from mentors and classmates, it turned into an enriching learning experience. TTA Diploma focusses on modern teaching methods. This significantly improved my approach as an educator. The guidance given here is very helpful in dealing with the changing teaching world. The practical internships in the NPS Group of Schools gave me valuable insights into effective teaching methodologies. In a nutshell, the TTA Diploma is more than just a learning experience. It's about gaining practical skills and being part of a supportive community. I am very proud to be a TTA student. This course not only improved my teaching skills but also introduced me to a fantastic community of dedicated mentors and TTA Diploma friends…Thank you TTA.

Ms. Richa Prasad

My journey in the TTA Teaching Diploma course has been incredibly enriching. The program provided a comprehensive understanding of teaching methodologies and classroom management. I gained valuable insights into effective lesson planning and student engagement. The supportive faculty and practical approach enhanced my confidence in the classroom. This course has been a transformative experience, equipping me with the skills and knowledge essential for a successful teaching career. Highly recommended!

Ms. Amita Sinha

The TTA Diploma in teaching and learning practices changed my view on education. Before I saw teaching as a process of imparting knowledge, a one-size-fits-all approach. But as the course unfolded, my perspective shifted. I realized teaching is not just about transmitting knowledge; it's about fostering love for learning and creating experiences. This course equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create meaningful learning experiences. In this course, I was exposed to innovative teaching methodologies, educational theories, and strategies that has significantly enhanced my effectiveness as an educator. I feel empowered and well-prepared to make a meaningful difference in the lives of my students. Whether it's creating engaging lesson plans, utilizing technology in the classroom, or fostering a lifelong love for learning, this course has equipped me with the tools and strategies needed to excel as a professional educator.

Ms. Madhavi Mellachervu

I am Madhavi, and I am happy to share my TTA Diploma journey. Coming from the IT corporate sector, I had no background of teaching. Switching careers and starting afresh is a challenge in itself. With an immense drive to teach, I stepped into TTA in search of the right direction and guidance for my chosen purpose. The entire 8 months of my TTA journey has been a wonderful one-of-a-kind experience, with lots of hard work, along with fun. Experienced and seasoned mentors trained and guided us on the various modules of the teaching and learning like, 21st century pedagogy, learning theories, classroom management, pastoral care, life skills and ICT . The highlight of the course was the internships at NPS schools, which gave me experiential learning of the teaching practices. TTA was the key to the door of opportunities for me. Along with immense knowledge and experience, I also got the opportunity to connect with mentors and made amazing friends who had matching mindsets, passions, sincerity, and honesty. This bond I would love to maintain throughout my life. Thank you TTA, for everything.

Ms. Veena D Kalra

Right from drafting efficacious lesson plans to making accurate, unbiased evaluations and assessments, this programme translated theoretical ideas into practical teaching. Competent teachers and trainers with real classroom experiences guided us through various techniques one could employ to empower children to reach their true potential.

Ms. Nirmala Shenoi

Professional development is certainly beneficial. It reiterates what we have learned in our training, introduces us to newer techniques which make teaching enjoyable, productive and non-repetitive. It also makes us aware of the huge responsibility we have towards our students.

Ms. Veena Naik

The Professional Development for teachers is a well thought out system, well supported by videos and PPT, thus enhancing the skills of each teacher. The resources provided during the programme are tailor-made to suit the current generation of teachers and students. The impact of the training programme is a life-time experience for every teacher.

Ms. Anjana B U

Every school has its own personality, a teaching ethos which as a newcomer can make the transitional trifle daunting. This is where the training became an incredible asset to me. Here we were gently steered in the required direction, applauded loudly for our achievements and is rough diamonds we were polished to a fine sheen.

Ms. Varada Nambiar

A big kudos to the training team of highly experienced teachers and effective speakers. They were really wonderful. They had with fun and innovative ways of putting across the information such as the role plays team exercises and answering of questions. I felt very prepared after the sessions.