About Us - Raison d'être

Why TTA?

  • Our experience
    We have been training and developing teachers over a number of years.
  • Partnership schools
    There is a strong well developed link between TTA and NPS group of institutions, NAFL & TISB.
  • Quality
    Our programmes and modules are delivered by experts, well qualified senior teachers, Vice Principals, Principals and full time trainers who have many years of practical experience.
  • Support
    Our dedicated team of trainers provide a learner-centred approach. Independent study time options at the TTA enable additional individual support to be tailored to your needs.
  • Excellent facilities
    Programmes are delivered at our specially designed training centre, with multimedia facilities, training rooms and an extensive library.
  • Flexibility
    We run our programmes at various times throughout the year.

TISB Training Academy

TISB Training Academy(TTA) in association with the NPS group of schools has successfully launched ‘Teacher Training Programmes’ to help teachers enhance skills in order to address the challenges facing education today within a rapidly changing socio-economic context and a globally competitive environment.

The NPS group of schools, NAFL and TISB, India and Singapore, have a rich history of over five and a half decades. This group lays a huge emphasis on enhancing teacher’s skills through continuous professional development courses. NPS believes that teachers like students, are lifelong learners and is conscious of the positive impact teachers can have on in the physiological, social emotional and cognitive domains of student learning.

TTA has been involved with training and audit for over a decade and has under its aegis programmes like Teacher Training Courses for aspiring teachers, newly qualified teachers and experienced teachers taking into consideration the latest advances educational research and best practices.

The TISB Training Academy(TTA) works in partnership with the NPS group of institutions, NAFL, TISB and experienced educators. We believe that it is working in partnership that we can best address the challenges facing education today.

We provide high quality professional development courses tailored to meet the needs of teachers and place them in real classrooms to maximise their teaching skills. We offer a range of Courses; including the Certificate and Diploma courses for teachers that provide practical ideas to enhance teacher skills in the classroom.

You may be new to teaching, coming from your initial teacher training or another profession, or maybe you have been teaching for a number of years and want a refresher course; whatever your route you will be presented with the research based teaching methodology and techniques. These will be delivered through a practical “hands on” approach in our sessions that will provide plenty of strategies and resources for classroom use.

At TTA we are dedicated to learning. We aim to give you a learning experience that is both enjoyable and productive. Our aim as teacher trainers is to provide you with the training, support and assistance needed to enable you to face today’s modern and fast changing classrooms. Our passion for teaching is woven into every session as we work together with you as “lifelong” learners.

Sessions at the TTA are interactive, challenging and fun. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and helpful - the best environment for learning. You will also find our teaching to be very creative. We learn about your individual needs and goals, and adapt our lessons to suit them. We use a wide range of resources and techniques to help you develop your confidence in your future career in teaching.