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TTA Diploma in Early Childhood Education - FAQs

  1. What is the Diploma in Early Childhood Education?

    The Diploma in Early Childhood Education is an 8-month teacher training course run by the TISB Training Academy (TTA), which comes under the aegis of the NPS Group of Institutions. The course is designed to equip aspiring teachers with skills to work closely with learners aged between 3 to 5 years.

    There is a rising demand for quality teachers in early childhood education in India and abroad. At TTA, we understand that right guidance plays an important role in the child’s formative years. Keeping this in mind, our diploma in Early Childhood Education is designed to create a new generation of educators.

    Register for our August 2024 Early Childhood Education course in Bangalore today.

  2. Who can take up the Diploma in Early Childhood Education?

    The Diploma in Early Childhood Education is an ideal choice for:

    • Graduates in any field who are interested in pursuing a course to teach Nursery and KG.
    • Working professionals who want a change in their career and pursue Early Childhood Education training in Bangalore.
    • Practicing teachers who want to upskill.
  3. How is the TTA Diploma in Early Childhood Education unique? How is it different from other ECCE courses and Montessori certifications?

    The Diploma in Early Childhood Education is an excellent KG teacher training course in Bangalore for anyone who wants to get Nursery & Kindergarten jobs in India and abroad. The course at TTA as compared to other ECCE programs offers an exclusive mentorship program in our prestigious schools across the city where our diploma students will have the opportunity to observe and practice their learnings.

    In our program, you will work directly with facilitators who have spent decades in classrooms working with students aged 3 to 5. The course curriculum is developed, keeping in mind industry best practices and the latest research in the early childhood development. The Early Years pedagogies you will master through this course, are a thoughtful blend of classical and contemporary frameworks, designed to cultivate global consciousness.

    The Montessori certification allows the holder to work exclusively in Montessori Environments.

  4. What is taught in the Diploma in Early Childhood Education?

    The Diploma in Early Childhood Education will give you a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum and teaching methods employed in Early Learning Centres in India and abroad. It will equip you with skills essential to support the young learners in their holistic development.

    During these 8 months you will learn how to –

    • Empathetically connect with children aged 3 to 5.
    • Consciously anticipate and respond to the needs of young learners.
    • Maintain classroom decorum to facilitate children’s holistic development.
    • Efficiently allocate school resources and manage in-class activities.
    • Prepare compelling lesson plans that offer students real-world connect.
    • Handle diverse classroom interactions with in-class practice
    • Guide students to plan and host school events.
  5. Does the Diploma in Early Childhood Education involve practical, hands-on learning?

    Yes, it does.

    At TTA, we offer a rigorous mentorship at the NPS Group of Institutions, as part of the Diploma in Early Childhood Education. These in-school sessions are designed to help you put the course’s theoretical frameworks to use, in a real classroom setting.

    Your journey will begin by observing NPS teachers conduct classes to assisting them with daily functions and ultimately creating and executing lessons, independently.

    Our facilitators will observe and guide you every step of the way, ensuring you master the art & science of teaching young learners. Register for your course today.

  6. Is the Diploma in Early Childhood Education available as a virtual/online course?

    Owing to the rigorous requirement of working with very young learners, the TTA Diploma in Early Childhood Education is currently only available onsite, at the TTA training centre in Bangalore.

    Now that you know how to become a Kindergarten teacher in India or overseas, register for the Early Education course in Bengaluru today! Contact us today on +91 960691 3875 / 73 or

  7. What jobs can I apply for after completing this course?

    After completing the TTA teacher training Diploma, you will be eligible to apply for teaching jobs in neighbourhood play homes and pre-schools as well as State, CBSE, ICSE and International schools having Nursery, Kindergarten or Early Years Programme.

    Additionally, if you are passionate about teaching older children between Grade 1 and Grade 12, read about our Diploma in Teaching & Learning.

  8. How do I register for the Diploma in Early Childhood Education at TTA?

    You can register for the Diploma in Early Childhood Education in three simple steps:

    • Contact our TTA corporate office on +91 960691 3875 / 73 or indicating your interest to take up preschool teacher training in Bangalore.
    • We will schedule a face-to-face or online meeting with our facilitators, as per your convenience.
    • Be guided by our facilitators to seamlessly register for the Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

    We conduct "Information Mornings" every Friday, between 11:00a.m. and 2:00p.m., where you can get all of your Diploma-related questions answered by our experienced facilitators. Contact us today to schedule your visit.

  9. What financing options does TTA offer applicants?

    At TTA, we completely empathize with the needs of aspiring teachers. We can make the in-person Nursery and KG teacher training course accessible to all. Please speak to our Diploma program facilitators for more information on this.

  10. What other courses does TTA offer, apart from the Diploma in Early Childhood Education?

    At TTA, we pride ourselves at being attuned to the needs of the teaching community in India and overseas. We regularly release new courses, focusing on the varied facets of teaching and academic leadership. Each of our courses is comprehensively researched and offers a thoughtful blend of traditional and contemporary practices, to nurture the educator in you.

    Currently, we are running our Flagship teacher training course at TTA – the Diploma in Teaching & Learning – which is in its 9th consecutive year.

    Contact our team at TTA on +91 960691 3875 / 73 or to learn more about our teacher training course in Bangalore, contact us today.

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