"At TTA we are dedicated to learning. We aim to give you a learning experience
that is both enjoyable and productive."


Sharing Experiences

Ms. Veena D Kalra
Qualification: B.A.
Years of teaching experience: 12 years

Right from drafting efficacious lesson plans to making accurate, unbiased evaluations and assessments, this programme translated theoretical ideas into practical teaching. Competent teachers and trainers with real classroom experiences guided us through various techniques one could employ to empower children to reach their true potential.


Ms. Nirmala Shenoi
Qualification: B.A. B.Ed.
Years of teaching experience: 22 years

Professional development is certainly beneficial. It reiterates what we have learned in our training, introduces us to newer techniques which make teaching enjoyable, productive and non-repetitive. It also makes us aware of the huge responsibility we have towards our students.


Ms. Veena Naik
Qualification: M.Com, TTC
Years of teaching experience: 9 years

The Professional Development for teachers is a well thought out system, well supported by videos and PPT, thus enhancing the skills of each teacher. The resources provided during the programme are tailor-made to suit the current generation of teachers and students. The impact of the training programme is a life-time experience for every teacher.


Ms. Anjana B U
Qualification: MA in English Literature
Years of teaching experience: 13 years

Every school has its own personality, a teaching ethos which as a newcomer can make the transitional trifle daunting. This is where the training became an incredible asset to me. Here we were gently steered in the required direction, applauded loudly for our achievements and is rough diamonds we were polished to a fine sheen.


Ms. Varada Nambiar
Qualification: M.Sc. Diploma in Primary Montessori
Years of Teaching Experience: 2 Years

A big kudos to the training team of highly experienced teachers and effective speakers. They were really wonderful. They had with fun and innovative ways of putting across the information such as the role plays team exercises and answering of questions. I felt very prepared after the sessions.