Aspiring Leadership Workshop

Aspiring Leadership Workshop

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way."

- John C. Maxwell

School leaders are pivotal change makers, conscience keepers and the custodians of culture in a school.

Here’s an opportunity to unlock your leadership potential to become a School Leader, with our exclusive “Aspiring Leadership Workshop” designed by Dr Bindu Hari, the distinguished Vice Chairperson of TISB, NAFL, NPSI & NPS Group of Institutions.

Hosted by the TISB Training Academy (TTA) – the training & quality assurance unit of the NPS Group of Institutions – our 3-day training programme aims at empowering you for school leadership, by…

  • sharing best practices that have emerged from pioneering research.
  • encouraging creativity and critical thinking through thoughtfully curated learning episodes.
  • imparting vital soft skills and digital skills crucial for 21st century school success.
  • nurturing confidence, empathy and vision that transforms teachers into exceptional educational leaders.

Join us on May 13th, 14th and 15th 2024, for our “Aspiring Leadership Workshop” and learn from Dr. Bindu Hari, a reputed and pre-eminent School Leader in India.

Why choose this workshop?

There is a paucity of effective and trained leaders in the expanding educational landscape in India. This Aspiring Leadership Workshop delves into a wide range of critical topics that help develop powerful leadership skills in teachers, heads of departments, coordinators and other middle managers who want to make a difference in the academic arena as School Leaders.

As part of our intensive 3-day training programme, you will...

  • gain mastery over essential skills necessary to be a successful Principal or Deputy Principal.
  • become well-versed in nurturing and engaging to create 21st century smart schools.
  • immerse yourself in spirited knowledge exchange with the top minds in the field of academia.
  • learn how to strategise and take decisions for your institutions’ well-being and success.
  • hone your communication and team building skills for seamless collaboration with all school stakeholders.

Apply today for the Aspiring Leadership Workshop and benefit from a career transforming experience!

Who can apply for the Aspiring Leadership Workshop?

The Aspiring Leadership Workshop by Dr. Bindu Hari is designed for teachers and heads of departments, coordinators and other middle managers from Indian and International schools, with...

  • 10 years of teaching experience.
  • a few years of leading experience.
  • a burning desire to lead a school towards excellence.

Meet your trainer: Dr. Bindu Hari (Vice Chairperson of TISB, NAFL, NPSI & NPS Institutions)

Dr Bindu is the Vice Chairperson of TISB (The International School Bangalore), NAFL (National Academy for Learning), NPSI (National Public School International) and the NPS group of Schools (India and Singapore).

Her prestigious career in the field of Education spans 3 decades overseeing schools offering both Indian curricula (CBSE and ICSE) and International curricula (A levels, IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate Diploma).

Dr. Bindu began her career as a teacher, teaching Science and Mathematics. A major part of her career has been dedicated to institutional development by building leadership skills, strategic planning, and quality focussed organisational culture in her schools.

You can read her detailed bio here.

What to expect in the workshop?

The Aspiring Leadership Workshop is a dynamic and immersive learning experience that fosters collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving, through knowledge sharing and role plays.

During our rigorous 3-day workshop, you will...

  • learn from the professional experiences of other teachers, middle managers and school leaders.
  • exchange ideas and knowledge with the top minds in the field of Indian and International academia.
  • collaborate and network with peers who share your passion and dedication for educational leadership.

Endorsements for our workshop

Here’s what our past workshop attendees have to say about our Aspiring Leadership Workshop...

"Dr. Bindu has always motivated everyone to move towards an effort mindset in order to Reach Out, Reach High and Reach Beyond! Attending the workshop where Dr. Bindu was among the panellists, helped me gain more knowledge on brain-based learning. Her research-based approach helped the audience to understand the topic with more clarity. These workshops conducted by Dr. Bindu every year have a variety of significant topics ranging from ‘Attributes of a Leader, Leadership and Management to School Improvement Plans'. Dr. Bindu believes in democratic leadership and the team goes back completely motivated to lead their school with renewed confidence. These programmes equip the teachers with the skills required to understand the new generation of students. These workshops focus on creating an inclusive learning experience that is designed to meet the needs of every student."

- Ms. Hemalatha Pillai, Principal, NAFL North

"I was fortunate enough to attend the Leadership Training Programme conducted by Dr. Bindu. These sessions provide experiential learning on different vital aspects of Educational Leadership like- 21st century skill sets of a teacher, coaching as a leadership style and Staff & Student well- being. It has inspired me to become a more reflective and pastoral Middle Leader.”

- Maya K.P, Middle Leader, NPS HSR

"Dr. Bindu’s Leadership Training Programmes create a greater awareness of self through introspection, to unlock one’s hidden potentials and continuously raise the bar to maintain the highest standards. The power of her effective coaching and ‘Servant leadership’ style inspires greater performance in self, team and the organization. She is a leadership role-model who facilitates and coaches in a genuine, understated manner based on research and the latest thinking. My journey at NPS, Goplalpuram, with her training and guidance has moulded every aspect of my life- both professionally and personally. I would like to express my immense gratitude for shaping me to be the best version of myself”

- Devaki Priya, Middle Leader, NPS Gopalapuram

So, don’t wait any longer. Apply for a seat at the Winner’s Table and gain the competitive advantage offered by a comprehensive and illuminating training from one of the best school leaders and educators in India.

BONUS: Interview a panel of Principals

When you participate in the Aspiring Leadership Workshop, you get the privilege of asking challenging questions and having compelling conversations with a panel of highly experienced Principals.

Have all your questions answered and rub shoulders with the Who’s Who of Indian School Leadership.

Apply for the workshop today!

Details about the workshop:

Date: 13th, 14th and 15th of May 2024
Timings: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Lunch & refreshments will be provided)
Venue: TISB Training Academy (TTA), HSR Centre
Application form:
For information about the Workshop fee, contact us at +91 96069 13875 / 73 or

Call us now. Limited seats available!