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Diploma Course

What the Diploma Course covers
  • Teaching methodology – the theoretical aspects, taught in lectures and interactive workshops
  • Practical application of knowledge – hands on opportunities and activities to enable the theory to become practice, integrated with the methodology
  • Teaching practice – developing teaching skills with students within the school context
This course aims to equip participants with:
  • A solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and effective teaching skills within the classroom
  • An in-depth focus on teaching and learning methodology based on research
  • Opportunities to develop real-life teaching through practical hands on exploration, implementation of concepts and reflection of practice
The Diploma course outline:
Module: Brain Based Learning
  • How the human brain learns
  • Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence
  • How to plan for different learners
Module: Lesson Planning (Part 1)
  • Aims and objectives
  • Learning Objectives
  • Blooms Taxonomy Verbs
Module: Blooms Taxonomy
  • Understanding Blooms old & revised
  • Different levels of thinking
  • Application of skills and planning
Module: Questioning
  • Types of questioning strategies
  • Planning for key questions
  • Practical application for the classroom
Module: Starters and Plenaries
  • Effective ways to start and end a lesson
  • Exploring practical examples
  • Using a Plenary to assess learning
Module: Active Learning Essentials
  • Strategies for active learning
  • Organising the learning
  • Checking understanding
Module: Active Learning advanced
  • Strategies for active learning
  • Organising learning
  • Checking understanding
Module: Collaborative Learning
  • Strategies for collaborative learning
  • Organising the learning
  • Checking understanding
Module: Differentiation
  • Understanding differentiation
  • Differentiated strategies & assessments
  • Effectively meeting different learners needs
Module: Lesson Planning (Part 2)
  • Parts of a Lesson
  • Content of an effective lesson plan
  • Planning and evaluating an effective lesson
Module: Advanced Assessment
  • Types of assessments
  • Eliciting information
  • Organising and preparing assessments
Module: Pastoral Care
  • How to effectively care for students
  • Practical advice for Pastoral care
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher
Module: Inclusive Education
  • Identifying students with educational needs
  • Different types of special needs
  • Practical strategies for the classroom
Module: ICT Skills
  • Basic skills for teaching
  • How to make presentations and worksheets
  • Planning and assessment
Module: Teacher Toolbox advanced
  • Organising a large group
  • Useful tips for the classroom
  • Good practices of a teacher
Module: Teaching Practice
  • Observe and work with experienced teachers
  • Planning and delivering lessons
  • Reflective practices and feedback
Please check the website for the start days of the Diploma course.