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Cambridge Professional Develoment Qualifications (PDQ)

Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (PDQs) provide a strong framework to support the effective continuing professional development of teachers and leaders.

They help teachers and leaders to:

  • engage critically with relevant concepts, principles, theories and international best practices
  • apply new ideas and approaches in reflective practice in their own teaching and learning context
  • evaluate experiences and outcomes to plan further development
  • improve the quality of their teaching and leadership to enhance the quality of their learners’ learning.

PDQs are designed to be taken by teachers and leaders in order to enhance their professional development. AT TTA – in partnership with TISB, we are an accredited centre and we offer two Cambridge PDQs:

  • Cambridge International Certificate (& Diploma) in Teaching & Learning (CIDTL)
  • Cambridge International Certificate (& Diploma) in Educational Leadership (CIDEL)

Each course is for full /part time teachers and leaders who are already working in a school setting. The courses comprise of 3 Modules of Learning and take 1 year to complete. Each Module comprises of 40 hours of guided face-to-face sessions, 40 hours of work related assignments and 40 hours of Independent study.

If you would like more information on one of our Cambridge Courses, please contact us.